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Sharp 624L 4 Door Fridge Model:SJF624STSL Detailed Video Review

Sharp 624L 4 Door Fridge Model:SJF624STSL review

filled with great features and finishes an elegant stainless steel with a sophisticated long pole handle design the sjf 6 to 4 St SL fridge from sharp should have no problem fitting into your family’s lifestyle now taking a look inside the refrigerator which has a large 624 litre capacity the French door design allows for easy access as well as better visibility as you can see what’s in your fridge with ease now on each door here there are three shelves for bottles and condiments with the bottom right hand door just here being able to adjust to either fit two rows of medium sized bottles or one row of larger containers now with in the refrigerator itself there are two adjustable glass shelves and one fixed glass shelf which also acts as a lid to the vegetable crisper which is just here on the left now the bed on the right is for your fruit or you can also use it as a meat fish and poultry bin at the back of the fridge you’ll find two bright LED lights that illuminate your fridge for better visibility during those sneaky midnight snacks you’ll also see in between those is the hybrid cooling panel this panel is called from the rear which indirectly calls the refrigerated compartment calling the fridge this way ensures food is refrigerated gently without exposing it to cold airflow the freezer has a large 252 litre capacity and also features the French door design there are two spacious storage compartments located at the bottom and three smaller ones just here at the top that will help you to organize your frozen foods with ease there are two separate twists ice cube makers which are ideal in the summertime as ice constantly gets used to children’s and if you wish to store larger items in the freezer you can remove the ice cube makers altogether at the top of the freezer to the right hand side is the control panel an electronic display which lets you easily control your fridges and freezers temperature and there you have it a spacious four door fridge from sharp thank you so much for watching and I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and of course please don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and check out our YouTube channel for other product videos just like this one

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2 Replies to “Sharp 624L 4 Door Fridge Model:SJF624STSL Detailed Video Review

  1. This is EXACTLY the same as the Electrolux EQE6207SD 620L French Door Fridge except the Electrolux has the stay fresh thing in the back of the fridge.

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