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Smeg 15 Place Setting Dishwasher Model:DWAFI315T Detailed Video Review

Smeg 15 Place Setting Dishwasher Model:DWAFI315T review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online and today we’re looking at the Smeg DWAFI315T dishwasher now this dishwasher comes with a 2 year warranty for all parts and labor and offers a 15 place setting making it an ideal dishwasher for larger families now this is a fully integrated dishwasher meaning it will provide a seamless look to your kitchen these efficient models of dishwashers are designed to match the rest of your kitchen cabinetry and blend perfectly with any kitchen design the control panel can be found just here at the top of the door now there are 5 wash programs to choose from this includes an economy cycle a soak cycle and an auto cycle with a preset temperature there are also a few performance features included with this dishwasher the flexi zone feature allows you to wash a reduced load saving energy water and time there are also no restrictions on where the items are placed compared to this machine traditional half loads allow only one of the baskets to be used there is also an ultra-fast program which has been developed especially for slightly dirty dishes that are to be washed immediately after use this program takes only 27 minutes now the dishwasher has a handy delay start feature that allows you to delay your wash cycle for up to 24 hours now this is perfect if you want to take advantage of off-peak energy times now let’s take a look inside as you can see here there are three levels to this dishwasher at the very top here we have two cutlery tray now this can be easily removed to allow easy loading and unloading now down here we have the middle basket which guides easily in and out for simpler loading now it is recommended to load the upper basket with small or medium sized items such as glasses small plate tea or coffee cups shallow bowls and light objects made from heat-resistant plastic if the upper basket is used in the lower most position it can also be loaded with serving dishes provided that they are only slightly soiled at the very bottom we have the lower basket now this comes complete with foldable prongs to accommodate larger crockery the lower basket receives the full force of the lower spray arm and should therefore be used for the toughest items with a heavier degree of soiling now there is also a removable cutlery basket another great feature to this dishwasher is the orbital wash system which allows the to spray arms to operate simultaneous in opposite directions to ensure water is evenly distributed throughout the inner cavity for a perfect wash now this dishwasher is also fitted with a water safety device that operates when the dishwasher is not in operation by restricting mains pressure at the top Smeg call this their total act will stop feature and there you have it a feature heavy dishwasher from Smeg thank you so much for watching and I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and of course don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and check out our YouTube channel for other product reviews just like this one you

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