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Samsung Linear Wash Dishwasher Model:DW80R9950US Detailed Video Review

Samsung Linear Wash Dishwasher Model:DW80R9950USreview

hey guys it’s Kevin here today may be wondering why am i sitting on the floor of my kitchen well it’s because I am here to talk to you about my new dishwasher I’m absolutely in love with this product it has made my kitchen cleaning chores a lot easier and it was a huge upgrade to my old dishwasher so what is it well this is the samsung linear dishwasher it is a great investment it is on the higher end price point I’ll include a link down below for all the information on pricing and what not Amazon you can check it out yourself obviously you can pick this thing up on all kinds of major retailers best buy samsung website directly there’s a lot of places they sell it so this is kind of the face of it it’s a very clean modern look with a little simple bar here it is stainless steel which matches my other appliances and more importantly it is fingerprint resistant so no fingerprints I’ve ever shown up on this thing while I’ve been using it which is absolutely great and then I’ll kind of show you you kind of pull it down here at the top and this is where all the control panel is so you got your power button then you’ve got your various washing settings it has an auto setting a heavy a light to delicate Express rinse only sub clean and then the linear wash is at the bottom and what it does it has this device that moves and just totally blasts all your dishes to remove that dirt which is really awesome so because of that on one of the sides it has booster levels so there’s this is the lower rack boosting options and then these are the various temperatures and it has some smart controls so you can hook it up to your cell phone essentially all that does is it’s going to send you a message when your washer is complete or let you know how long your dishwasher comes will have to go and then it also has suggested loading options for the various racks but and then it has over here on the end you have a delayed start time so if you want to program this to start time a certain time you can set that up here and then simply the start button and then it is a fixed II device so opening it up on the front over here is where you can put the rinse aid and then it has the multiple settings and then the sliding door here for your detergent I’ve been just using the pouch one so I don’t kind of rinse aid and just throw that in there now I have what I wanted to keep it kind of light here so I have a minimal amount of dishes in here but I wanted to give you an idea of loading so here is the bottom rack this rack is designed more for your pots your pan your heavy dishes we’ve got a few plates these are adjustable so you can put them down if you got bigger stuff in here and then you’ve got the optional basket for just small little bulky items or your silverware if you want it and then in the back you may or may not be able to see it there is the linear bar that that slowly moves and blasts the water nice thing this dishwasher has done an amazing job cleaning the dishes I’ve been incredibly impressed with it and very happy with it so then the second rack here this is more designed for your smaller stuff your glasses your wine glasses and then the back here it has adjustable Zoar your wine your tall glass of your small glasses your coffee cups etc and then on the side you can see these red tabs if you if you pull those it allow you to raise or lower this in position so if you have taller dishes on the bottom rack it allows you to boost this up and then of course we have the additional washer spinning here and then the third rack now this is kind of I enjoyed this I can see some people not necessarily liking it but on the top here is a purely a silverware rack so you between all these little box here you lay out your your silverware the reason I can see some people not liking it is takes longer loading because universes are just dumping into a basket down here however to me it makes unloading super easy because you can grab all the spoons you can grab all the forks and grab all the knives and then you can lay things like tongs or grill spatula whatever across the top and get some clean get some out of the way the only disadvantage of the third rack that I’ve come across is so I do have some taller plates so the middle drawer is in the higher position and if this isn’t a higher position and you want to put in some stem glasses that will hit this floor so that is kind of something you have to decide now I love me some stemless wine glasses so that’s not really a big issue in this household but I could see some people not liking that this is fully removable so if you don’t like it you can easily get rid of it so that’s kind of what the inside looks like like I said I’m touched briefly on performance it is all my dishes very clean it is super quiet which is great gone are the days of listening to the dishwasher while you’re trying to watch a movie every day know what not super quiet barely even hear it turns on another two features about this thing – I absolutely love is on the face here which I’ll show you this in a minute there is a panel back here you don’t tell you exactly how much time is left on the dishwasher once you get it started once again you can also use an app which will tell you that you’ll also send you a little message or whatever but right now they’re just watching you can quickly look at it and it’ll tell you this down to the minute how long’s left and in the final feature which which is was a huge selling point for me is in the final rounds of the drying cycle it will automatically pop open and you can hear the fans still circulating for eight or so minutes and that’s going to help you get your dishes dry quicker it saves energy by popping this opening air drawing and it also makes it great if you’re going to go out of town or you want to go to bed you don’t have to worry about your dishes sitting in here with water because this is a good seal on it so they’re not gonna get dry and Miles’s doors open so go on vacation have clean dishes when you come back you don’t have to worry about that musty smell or anything like that because your dishwasher automatically popped open and dried it so overall I’ve been like I said I’ve been really happy with it I can’t stress how great or the dishwasher this has been and it’s like a semi this is super quiet on the website it says it’s 39 decibels I don’t have a sound meter so I can’t test that but let me kind of show you here what it what it sounds like when I turn it on so we’re gonna power it on as you can see powered on it’s on auto I’m actually gonna go ahead and just change it to let’s see we’ll just do normal mode no but you know I’m gonna leave it on auto because there’s not a lot of dishes in here this pump obviously this is probably the lightest load I’ve ever done on it here so leave it on auto and we’ll just go ahead close it and hit the start button beat here we go good to go and that’s the sound you can hear it’s pumping some water out into the sink what was left in the pipes but that’s it this is how quiet this thing is I mean truly incredible what it is running a cup like this dishwasher is so said if you’re in the market for a new dishwasher check out the link below I’ll have all kinds of additional information for it you know view options and see what’s the right fit with you but I can’t stress how great this is so till the next review you guys take it easy and be sure to like the channel hit me up for comments I do respond to them and be sure to share the video too so so the next one you guys stay easy Congrats you made it to the end of the video I hope you liked her be sure to help me out and hit the subscribe button or comment below in this video until the next one be sure to check out any of the other videos that I have floating around on my channel

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