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Samsung 341 Litre Fridge Model:SR340MW Detailed Video Review

Samsung 341 Litre Fridge Model:SR340MW review

hi I’m color from clients online todaywe look at the samsung frost free fries341 liters available in what they call asnow white color right hinged onlyavailable and the sides here in atextured metal it’s a very strong finishon the side of the door here let’s havea quick look inside at the top heretotally frost free up here right at thevery top section we have our twist Isisa manual ice maker so once your the icehas informed turn it to the rightdispenses the ice into container hereand you’re easy access to the ice cubeswe have a plastic shelf here you cantake that out if need be if you wantextra height here down the back we’vegot our temperature settings atemperature setting for freezer andfridge compartment a nice added feesthat seems to have included inside theactual freezer walls a cool packsthey’re built inside the actual cavityhere unfortunately can’t see them butonce they are frozen if the fridge wasaccidentally turned off or he had ablackout it maintains a constanttemperature in here it stops the foodfrom going off so inside the freezercompartment door we have two littlezones here the nice little shelvesyou’re gonna put your frozen pack ofveggies put them in here you’ve seen icequick and easy access let’s have a quicklook inside the fridge compartment atthe top here we see our lovely LEDlighting is a nice energy-savinglighting it’s great all the way throughgive you great lighting all the waythrough from top to bottom at the topsection here we’ve got a fresh roomsection that’s a glide out shop that’sgrateful you’ve fresh meats you choosedare is nice little easy accesscompartment there at the back we see ourtemperature settings so you got aseparate temperature sink for the wholefridge compartment easiest light shelfit’s a full shelter glides all the waythrough from back to front so it givesyou an easy access for those big itemsso if you’ve got it may be a bigbirthday cake or something like that bigpavel over put it on here me going tobring it out towards you for easieraccess that’s a nice little feature bysamsung tempered glass shelf here it isa little bit of adjustment theretempered glass here so i can use thatfor extra storage space as well down theback you’ll see a little deodorizer nowwith the deodorize there if you have anysmells within the fridge it’ll helphelps absorb them and take them out ofthe fridge compartment keeps thesmelling nice of pressuredown here we’ve got our full crisper binso it’s nice and clear at the front soyou’ve got nice access to your fruit andveg from here you can see what’s inthere all the time and turn the fruitand veg over constantly on the side ofthe door here at three littlecompartments a full shelf to splitshelves you have got the egg crazythat’s too intriguing come with them youcould take it out to give you morestorage space here for little odds andsods or knickknacks free shoving anddown bottom further got a full shelfhere it’s a little bit deeper than theother ones that will enable you to takea good sized juice bottle or even yourtwo litre milk container so there wehave some nice features with the Samsung341 litre fridge I hope this video willassist you when shopping with us here atappliances online and don’t forget toclick on the subscribe button to watchmore product of use just like this onehi I’m Colin Colin appliances onlinetoday we look at the literal like 7 kilofront load washer let’s have a littlesome nice features with this new frontloader the far side here we go downcontusions you Spencer we open that upwe’ve got our may wash we’ve got aconditioner and we’ve got a pre-washsection best to use your front loadingdetergent there are high efficiency

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