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The 600mm/60cm Bosch Electric Wall Oven HBA13B252A reviewed by a product expert – Appliances Online

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today we’re looking at the bosch single oven it’s the two five two series comes out of Germany now looking at the control panel at the top from left to right we’ve got the selector we’ve got four different programs on it so you’ve got fan pause fan grilling defrost and traditional grilling art on the other side here work two thermostat setting so setting your thermostat and temperature in the middle your clock timer so you can actually program this that gives you a nice display here in the middle let’s have a quick look inside again single hinge II on the side here so again nice smooth operation one piece glass again easy to clean there’s two layers of glass on this so it keeps it nice and cool on the outside you’ve got your eco clean finish so it’s less porous than a lot of the other ovens that are out there on the market again nice and easy to keep clean just a quick wipe down some of the accessories you see is standard within the oven itself you have two two wire racks and two actual slide-out solid trays you can use them for a deep pan grilling or baking on as well or use them as a biscuit Rey rubber seal pretty much standard within the oven itself two year warranty with all bosch ovens they are hardwired so they do need your are stand electrician

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