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hi Colin from appliances online today we’re looking at this make 60 centimeter jewel for your upright stove let’s have a look at some nice little features with this particular unit the unit comes standard as the natural gas you can convert it to LP there is a little kit which you get supplied with it it has little brass injectors here and a plumber needs to convert it over from natural to LP for you the gas regulator is supplied with it so we don’t have to go out and buy another gas regulator another nice accessory that’s Megan include is the mini splash look at this here we’ve got stainless steel that’s predicted by the coating take that off and you’ve got four little lugs here matches with the four screws take them out simply place this back it finishes off the oven nicely it allows you to tile right up through here the reason for the vents at the top here it allows the air come from the oven straight up through the vents and comes right up underneath a range hood and then can be ducted outside looking at the configuration we have on top here we’ve got four burners in total we have a walk burn here on the far left hand side we have two high speed burners and a normal burner here we have little accessories that come with it this is what cradle let’s just say on top of the actual trivet lifts it up from the burner itself nails the flame to go up the size of it as well as around the center this one here will cradle your small coffee pots a nice handy accessory from smeek these triggers here she got a little rubber grommets raise it up from the surface protects the stainless steel from marking scratchy makes it also nice and easy to keep clean where they are burners here each one has electronic ignition that’s their little white button here when you depress the control knob and throws a spark out all full spark at the same time and then light the burner for you the second one here is a flame failure so if the fire was to go out will actually turn the gas off for you just simply then turn the knob here depress it rest bark and ignite it again for you nice and simple easy to use now we’ll have a quick look at the control panel on the far side here we have a clock timer you can program the oven and come on cook and switch off and here we have our thermostat setting so you can take that right round from variable temperature setting for the oven so here we have our multi-function City so you got plenty of different settings here from fan force for normal oven defrost it’s got a lot of different functions on here simply by turning the knob to the right therefore controls here operate our full burner cooktop simply push the knobs in turn to the left-hand side it throws out a spot and lights the burner for you it’s as simple as that let’s have a look inside the oven it’s a nice firm round pole handle pull that down it’s a triple glazed door so it keeps the heat within the oven itself it makes the door on the outside nice and cool it’s one piece of glass so it’s going to be nice and easy to keep clean you can remove this glass for easy cleaning as well we’ve got a cooling fan in here so it actually takes air through and travels through the door panel here it keeps the door nice and cool on the inside the oven it’s nice and then we’ll finish and the rolled edges so there’s no sharp edges or anywhere to get food caught in the corners about different positions down through the sides here for our racking from top right down to the very bottom one wire rack to pan dishes and one with a grill insert a couple of accessories you can see inside here is the grill handle so if you want to get the trays out simply hook it on to the front lights out and it makes it easy to hit the trach in and out another nice little feature that’s mega included a telescopic rails they can be inserted within both sides you don’t have to install them but it’s a nice little feature when you install them the trays sit in here and allows it to come out further so it makes it easier to get to your trades we’ll just close that up for now at the front you notice it’s stainless steel here and we’ve got this blue trimming the blue trim is the packaging you need to remove that from the sides the front right around here it just protects it while it’s in transit the feet down the bottom are adjustable they do raise up and down they come inside the packaging within the oven itself so simply take it out and screw them onto the base down here you’ll see this little draw you can take extra shelves out or extra did some pieces that you have here and put them down the bottom for stories get them out of the way now for the electrician and it’s a plug in lead comes supplied with it so there’s no special wiring required just simply plug the unit in the plumbing connection is located at the back right hand top corner so there we have 2 year warranty on all parts and labor with the Smeg upright stove I hope there’s bit over the sister when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget click on the subscribe button on the left hand side for more video reviews hi I’m Colin from planes’ online today we’re looking at the dual fuel 900 Y Westinghouse upright stove let’s have a look at some nice features on top and then we’ll work our way through the control panel I have a quick look inside look at the back here it’s a mini splash back which comes supplied with it it just finishes the unit off nicely at the back you can tile directly to

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