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RCA 5.1 Cu. ft. Capacity Freezer Model:RFRF450-AMZ Video Review

RCA 5.1 Cu. ft. Capacity Freezer Model:RFRF450-AMZ review

welcome to an unboxing of RCA five point one cubic foot chest freezer purchase on Amazon and should be a prime two days you’re looking at model number RF are f450 – ANZ even allowed a large box but easy manipulated the features included five monthly to be put casting a shelf for easy organization 115 volts 60 Hertz power supply adjustable thermostat and a defrost drain for easy cleaning harder to cut the straps off to make easier for the unboxing he’s going to get a sturdy footing and lift with both hands feel there’s a little bit of a vacuum on the box but I’ll be able to get it up even the item didn’t come undamaged those are the foam pieces a little bit thin will be small but like I said it did come undamaged so there’s a plus for that and there are the straps what I did was I also turn the box of the came in upside down and use it for garbage made it easy for cleanup there’s a large amount of foam pieces but is easy to clean up to the box right there upside down it’s also a large piece of plastic that covers the item need to remove that and you can see on the pods to get self some warnings to please this gardens alway was an Energy Guide and there’s a piece of tape here piece of tape here another piece of tape here your useful information regarding the specifications of the freezer and last piece of tape on the outside right then the TV is easily removed no residue peel this one off as well nobody reason there are two pieces of tape holding an energy going on and lift and easily comes off the energy used for the years 24 dollars at 196 kilowatt hours that’s an average so piece of taping as well as this blue tape so now the want the funk another to the side is to hold the instruction manual along with safety guidelines and warnings there’s a user manual comes in multiple different languages and on the back you’ll notice the warranty information also another strip of tape here hold another piece of rubber go ahead and remove that those is there for storage and pre-shipping here’s a shelf nice and deep now I went ahead and unbundle the power cordon sort of inside the freezer to make it easy to remove the bottom piece of cardboard easier to spin it while on the cardboard and on the feet of the freezer no is a little heavy it does require you to put a foot on the base of the cardboard and lift and remove the crease and there’s inside nice and deep go ahead and put it in I left it for a while now you have it an unbox RCA freezer and I came back to the couple days later everything was nice and frozen I have it on the ten setting right now I hit a little too high we need to lower it down just a little bit as you notice when you turn it the green light for run will go off that indicates that it is past higher than the temperature was currently easily lift and as you notice a nice little ice buildup it shows you that the freezer is working well there’s an ice boat bolts on your boat one thing I did notice which if you’re not careful if you slam the lid or somehow put a heavy object or push down onto it it does become a little cumbersome to try to lift the lid back up so if you’re not too careful you’re going to want to make sure that you get a grip on both sides and lift with all your might there it is let is not come it up as you can see I’m lifting the entire freezer here’s the other side also lifting the freezer completely off the ground okay I pushed down on the middle of it it might change the vacuum inside the freezer that had no effect I put my knee up against the freezer with with both hands and as hard as I could eventually lifted that’s one thing that I recommend are seal it in to find a way to stop that vacuum from happening under net not a bad freezer thank you for watching unboxing of an RCA 5.1 cubic foot chest freezer

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3 Replies to “RCA 5.1 Cu. ft. Capacity Freezer Model:RFRF450-AMZ Video Review

  1. This freezer is perfect>>>   We got it for extra freezer space and it has been amazing! It holds so much more stuff than our other freezer. It’s also super durable! We have moved to a different country and brought it with us and it survived! Unlike our couch. I highly recommend if you need some extra freezer space!

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