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‘Unique’ Westinghouse 90cm oven range featuring duel fuel and twin fan system – Appliances Online

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90 centimeter range we wanted to develop it here in Australia to create a range that’s really unique to anything else we’ve seen in the marker specific to our market as well we’ve done a lot of testing and research and we find that consumers that are looking for a 90 centimeter oven want something that’s going to heat up really fast be really easy to clean and be able to cater to to their guests and even family events and things so we really wanted to make sure that we addressed all those concerns with the new range the biggest feature is is the capacity it really sets a new benchmark in oven capacity with 125 leaders of usable capacity and 116 gross capacity next you’ll you’ll find that the touch controls and electronic timers on selected models give much more control when you’re cooking all the models in the range are very easy to clean we’ve got features like the seamless oven cavity and the split grill trays and the oven door which is very easy to clean and remove and they can also be put into the dishwasher as well and the range is very safe we’ve made sure that our doors on all the ovens have three layers of glass and the new door cooling system which means that there’s no hot surface sticker on any of those models so they’re super cool to touch we’ve got a twin fan system so what that is is after a lot of testing we found we had the choice to use either one or two fans in the oven to drive the heating system but we found when we used to fans and rotated them in the opposite direction this gave far superior cooking evenness then a standard one or two fan oven so that’s a very much a part of all the models in our range they’re also super fast to heat up so on a quick cook setting and we all know time is precious so you know it takes only eight and a half minutes to heat up on that setting to 180 degrees so they give very even cooking results and very easy to manage and clean the hob itself is really easy to clean especially the ceramic model it’s a full full glass ceramic hob with touch controls so there’s no herbs and things it’s an easy wiped clean solution the oven door itself is really easy to clean the layers of glass can be easily removed and soak in the door to give you an idea of how much you can fit in the oven you can fit up to 4 roast chickens and veggies in the oven in one go or up to 72 many cupcakes as well so it’s great for family functions or school events you

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