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this is the Vizu combi steamer it’s perfect do all your baking you’re steaming you’re defrosting you’re reheating and I’d like to show you the logistics behind the door so when you open up the oven you have four trays and racks to go with this you have a cookbook with all the recipes that are programmed inside the oven and of course a food probe to do all the cortex reading you’re cooking with propia now here on top you have the water tank so it doesn’t need to be plumbed in water tank can be refilled with your tap water they just pop it inside like this and together with the internal boiler it will produce beautiful a small spurts of steam which help you get fantastic results every Sun every time you’re cooking here on the back you have to climb a control center and the opening with the circulation for the hot air with the fan of course to give you an even heat distribution the best function on this oven is probably the Baker Matic which is totally automated baking and cooking for anything that you’d like to put into the oven you choose between 14 food categories from anything from your fresh Appetit nibbles you’re frozen levels you baked dishes bread cakes and so forth preset settings that you don’t need to put in the temperature time or anything else yourself but the oven will figure that all automatically but it also has another great set of recipes guma steam recipes guma steam recipes they are programmed in the oven you find them all in this cookbook and with a few simple steps you can bake off amazing dishes like the ice cream and crispy pastry or a chocolate dessert or all these other beautiful things that you have in the book like breads cakes and other great dishes then you have the software hosting function you have professional baking you have steam cooking you have regeneration which is reheating of your pre left dinners you food from last night but also the ready-made meals that you can pick up in a supermarket sensational just reheated like a professional in the comfort of your own home

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