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Westinghouse PXR688 electric wall oven range reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

Product review

today we’re looking at the Westinghouse at pxr 688 now it does come in white and stainless steel finish as we move across the controls from the top we have the ringer timer thermostat and grill sitting here down the bottom we’ll just have a look at the grill whilst you’re using the grill at any time always leave the door open okay we have three positions here supply the standard grill now if you’re not using the grill you can use that tray in your oven let’s have a look here there’s a purely a fan forced oven so it is 80 liters internally again you can take all the racks out for cleaning scon tray to wire racks provided easy to clean these and white round no sharp edges again the glass door the front is one piece again easy to clean and single hinging so use that nice smooth operation all the Westinghouse price with that come to the two year factory warranty you may note the stainless steel is also mark free you

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