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Westinghouse 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:WBE4504SARH Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:WBE4504SARH review

this Westinghouse bottom-mount fridge is a reliable kitchen all-rounder with enough capacity to keep a family’s food stored and carefully organized now as when you’re buying any other fridge it’s important to check the measurements and compare them to your kitchens available space making sure to leave some extra room around the sides and rear for ventilation this model here has a stylish stainless steel finish which looks great in the kitchen and wipes clean easily in the center of the door here you’ll find the electronic control panel where you can set the temperature to suit your preferences you can also run a quick freeze to rapidly lock in your foods freshness for long-term storage as soon as you get it home from the shops the refrigerator section is positioned here on the top so the fresh food you use the most can be kept right here at eye level where it’s easy to access the interior is adjustable with glass shelves that can be positioned at different heights to efficiently organize space for your fresh food and drink the shelves are also still safe allowing them to keep any mess from dripping through the fridge for further storage flexibility some of the door bins can slide back and forth like this or they can even be removed entirely this is perfect for if you’ve got some larger bottles or you need some extra space it’s a great little feature actually and at the top of the door here there’s a lockable section for storing important items such as medicines that require refrigeration at the base of the fridge down here there’s a full-length crisper bin with its own humidity control this can help you set the ideal conditions for keeping your food fresh such as increasing humidity to prevent leafy greens from wilting or decreasing humidity to prevent fruits from rotting plus there’s also a divider just in here keeping items separated and organized the freezer section at the bottom swings open just like the fridge and is divided into a series of drawers in different sizes good for dividing up your frozen foods there are also twists ice trays available for preparing ice cubes with just a flick of the wrist and stockpiling your ice in the bin underneath thanks so much for watching

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