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Westinghouse 530L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:WBE5300WARH Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 530L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:WBE5300WARH review

this bottom-mount fridge from Westinghouse is available in white with a right hinged door just like the one we have feature today but it’s also available in white with the left in store as well as a stainless steel finish if you prefer a more modern look this fridge has a generous capacity of 530 liters but there is also a slightly smaller version available now if we take a look inside the fridge you’ll see that it’s fitted with flexspace interior giving you more flexible storage options from time to time accidents do happen and when they do you want to minimize the mess as much as possible this is where the spill safe shelves come in handy they can capture up to one liter of liquid so you can contain the spills to just one shelf instead of the whole fridge making cleaning up a breeze you don’t always come home with the same food every shopping run so having an adjustable crisper divider just here makes storing fresh food a whole lot simpler the lid to the crisper can also be used as a fourth shelf giving it even more storage space now some households drink a lot of milk while others prefer to use the door bins over here for storing olive jars and pate pots every household is different and this is why you can adjust the height and position of the door bins to fit in large and smaller items and arrange your fridge your way there’s also a family safe lockable compartment just up here that’s perfect for items you don’t want your little ones accessing at the back of the fridge you’ll notice the bright LED lighting that will illuminate your fridge for greater visibility when accessing those cheeky nighttime snacks the control panel is simple to use and is located just here on the side of the refrigerator and this will be able to adjust the freezer and fridge compartments as well as setting the quick freeze function for resetting the door alarm now taking a look inside the freezer section down here you’ll notice there’s a twist I serve with a removable ice bucket scoop and that can be found to the left well you’ve got three storage bins and they can be found to the right as well as through the main section these bins are clear and will let you easily organize your frozen meat veggies and desserts now to ensure even cooling throughout the refrigerator this Westinghouse fridge is fitted with a multi flow air delivery system and if you experience any problems with your fridge a service mode with Diagnostics feature is also available with a classic exterior and a modern interior with standout features this bottom-mount fridge will suit any Australian home nicely thanks so much for watching

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