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Westinghouse 180L UpRight Freezer Model:WFM1800WD Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 180L UpRight Freezer Model:WFM1800WD review

if you’re looking for an entry-level freezer or some extra freezer space this Westinghouse 180 liter freezer could be just what you’re looking for now it comes in classic white and it also has a pigeon pair if you’re looking for a matching fridge now it comes with the door opening to the left but this does have the option to be reversible so you can change this over to the other side if this is going to work better for your layout I’ll give you some measurements so you know where this is going to fit for you it’s 1453 millimeters in height 550 millimeters wide with a depth of 555 millimeters now it does have a 3 star energy rating and it comes with a 2-year warranty now let’s take a look inside the freezer here you’ll notice that there are five plastic freezer baskets which a total of 180 liters of gross capacity now there’s a big ice storage bin just down here for if you’re going to have a party or if you’ve got a few extra guests over now you’ll notice here that all the drawers are see-through this is perfect if you’re trying to find something there’s no searching through lots of frozen food trying to find what you’re looking for do also keep in mind though that there is no internal light in this freezer so you do need to just be aware of where you place it to make sure you’ve got sufficient lighting now this Westinghouse freezer uses our six hundred a refrigerant now the use of this is now increasing due to its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance and it’s now the refrigerant gas of choice in domestic and small commercial appliances keep in mind that the temperature control here is manual and you’ll also need to defrost this freezer manually this is a great freezer if you were just looking for some extra freezer space or looking to match it with your Westinghouse fridge thanks so much for watching

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