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Westinghouse Freestanding Electric Oven Stove Model:WLE535WA Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse Freestanding Electric Oven Stove Model:WLE535WA review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is the Westinghouse freestanding electric stove the WL e53 5w a this is a simple oven an electric cooktop that also includes a separate grill for added cooking flexibility the white finish also means that the appliance can look the part in most classic Australian kitchens the control panel for the supplies is found just here at the rear and it’s raised well above the hot plates so they can be out of the way of your cooking plus they should be well out of the reach of curious small children everything is controlled with these dials the hot plates on the left and the grill and oven on the right there’s also a simple dial timer which will sound an alarm when it finishes counting down the four electric hot plates are solid for longer lasting performance and simpler cleaning because this appliance has a separate grill you can prepare more than one dish at the same time you’ll get the best performance from this grill by leaving its door open now the oven has a glorious capacity of 80 litres which is easily enough room to feed a family the oven interior consists of seamless and fully sealed surface so there’s no nukes or crannies where grease or food splashes can build up to clean the oven you should be able to just give it a wipe down this oven needs to be hardwired to your home’s power supply so you should have a licensed electrician take care of its installation and that’s the westinghouse free-standing electric stove available with a two year warranty thanks so much for watching and we hope this video will assist to you in shopping with us here at appliances online and remember to click on the subscribe button for more product videos just like this one

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