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Westinghouse side by side fridge/freezer Model:WSE7000 Video Review

Westinghouse side by side fridge/freezer Model:WSE7000 review

today we’re looking at the Westinghousein WSC 7000 it’s their mark 3 stainlesssteel side-by-side fridge freezer let’shave a look inside the freezer now goingfrom the top we’ve got lighting goingstraight through from top to bottom wehave adjustable shelving the insideyou’ve got a twist icemaker with icestorage bin down the bottom you’ll seetwo large storage compartments that’sgood for your heavy items frozen fooddown through the freezer compartmenthere from top to bottom full adjustableshearling all the way through so plentyof room in there for your pack of foodstuff let’s have a look inside thefridge as we start from the top herewe’ve got storage compartment and that’sfor your dairy compartment cheese herethere was a lockable container sectionmainly for medicines full adjustableshelving from top to bottom a little bitof egg tray here you can move thatwherever you like we’ve got electroniccontrol here which comes up with an LEDdisplay now that shows you thetemperature inside the fridge in thefreezer which is adjustable as well atthe back we’ve got lighting adjustableshelving all the way through from top tobottomfull crisper bins down the bottom therefull width so large items not a problemwhatsoever then we’ll close that up atthe front you’ll notice that the hingingis hidden the door goes right to thevery top if you’re going to ask me whereit’s made it’s made here it’s localyou

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