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Whirlpool 27 cu ft French Door Refrigerator Model:WRF767SDEM Detailed Video Review.

Whirlpool 27 cu ft French Door Refrigerator Model:WRF767SDEM review

what’s happening guys v-twin for Christ here and he saved for the kingdom as a penny earned today I’m going to be covering the Whirlpool wrf 767 as the em0 127 cubic foot refrigerator this refrigerator is listed at some places for like twenty four hundred dollars I managed to square it from my local Lowe’s with various discounts for I think it was thirteen hundred bucks so I wanted to run through this refrigerator real quick and cover some pros and cons with you first of all this thing is larger than our other fridge and that’s great because we have a large family but getting it in through the doorways was a little interesting we actually head and take doors off to take the doors off pretty much there’s some some little covers up here you know you got to undo these screws there’s a water line connection up here that you have fun doing some electrical connections and then the other side is merely mechanical so what I’m going to try and do is just real quick run through the pros and cons and the features and then let you guys decide so first of all we have a large family this thing is amazing and what’s interesting is when we unloaded our old refrigerator and loaded this guy up it looked barren there is like hopefully nothing in this thing some pros here are these little container things right here they say they hold an entire gallon of milk may even hold two gallons we haven’t tested yet they feel a little flimsy like the plastic doesn’t feel real durable but they seem to be holding everything just fine this particular drawer down here you can set a different temperature for this drawer from the controls right here so you got to meet some poultry section cold drinks and a deli cheese right now this down here is approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit and then the rest of the fridge is running 37 degrees Fahrenheit that is the recommendation as you can see there’s LED lighting inside it’s kind of nice in the very back here this little filter area back there it comes with a filter that goes in there that I guess you got to change every six months and it’s got some weird kind of you see down there in the bottom bottom left-hand side it’s like a chemical reaction timer like it’s a little thing you snap it and you snap it in there whatever I’m probably not going to buy refills for that thing it’s just more money I really use baking soda baking powder whatever water filter goes up in here the guy from Lowe’s told us that if we get the extended warranty program that the water filters are half off so that’s a plus ice maker it’s a little weird I like it because it’s slim like this right so slim slim design open this up inside here kind of hard to do all this with one hand and there’s your ice okay you got your little sensor over here a little detects when the ice is up you can hit the little button here and take the whole thing out like if you’re having a party and then there’s like a little on/off switch we’re value so Spencer so that’s that let’s see what else was kind of cool about the interior here in a minute you’re going to hear some annoying beeping so if a door is accidentally left open HR five minutes the refriger the refrigerator will start beeping at you there is one door adjustment on this thing and it’s down here on the right hand door up under here you stick like a little allen screw in there to let you move one of the doors up and down to get the lime pop ice dispenser kind of up in there it’s a little weird because it only does like where’s it one two three four five maybe six cubes at the time just strange outside of that pretty stinking awesome the control panel here you get your ice your water I’m sorry that’s a regular ice crushed ice water your light full brightness stems off keep it on damn temperature controls a little weird like if you go in here to temp you’re going to hold this in okay so select zone so this is my recommended temperature right this is like my target temperature the fridge and this is my target temperature for the freezer but it never tells you what the actual temperature is a little weird and then you got up/down settings not a lot of stuff got this option things here like with a menu and I go in here and I’m thinking oh cool it’s going to have a lot of options well we’ve got filter status and vacation that’s it so filter status we got 97% of our filter room a lock fast ice not quite sure what that does so is what it is just like all ice makers you end up with splatter and stuff down here for this depression thing tongue whatever you call this thing ticket it almost seems like it’s crooked and it’s weird because the light is shining down on this side so you think it’s like a optical illusion but even when the light is off it still feels like it’s canted like this it’s just weird it just kind of drives me a little cooling you get in here and look at it in this this is weird uh than the freezer so you got an icemaker in the freezer like flirting right back there and get that ice linker down in there yeah and then he created a cute guy even comes with a little scoop is Mac pretty down Falls with this bottom section creature is make sure that you don’t have anything that flops over into the back pasture because what will happen is we increase the freezer drawer and you won’t be able to close it only a couple couple of other notes here we picked up I don’t know what model these are we picked up these little trays what is it stare light or whatever just these little holy trait holy trade things I got them at Meijer they were a dollar ninety-nine I really wish I still had the barcode on because down here in the freezer they fit right in like a glove you got to kind of angle them in like this and drop them in but they fit like a glove it’s fitting they’re perfect and then we got quick snacks and stuff you know like that for the kids up here ice packs for emergencies because the kids are always in sports are doing something down Falls with this upper tray this Center thing does not move left or right and then obviously you’re stuck with the ice tray right here then down here in the in the main freezer area this thing will move left and right lots of storage I mean we got tons of ice cream down here you got storage in the door back in here it’s a pretty awesome good place to store pizzas and stuff like that my biggest gripes about the fridge is one it does not come with a water line so when you get it you gotta pay for a water line thanks Lee our guys just gave us one to the plastic drawers one of the guys went to take the plastic off the diversity and it broke immediately and it train get here so I can show you some fall before but here’s your door and you’ll see down in here down in there very very cheap plastic in there so what I did was I did I had like some epoxy resin like a plastic well and I just went ahead and reinforced all the drawers because the guy was simply taking off the protective plastic and it work so I’m like okay I’m not going to be in a situation where we get something going on in the family and you know the wife’s got this thing full of food and she goes to pull it out and it breaks off and she’s already having a bad day and that’s like the last thing she needs so I just went ahead and glue them all reinforcing the other weird thing is five pieces of ice at a time coming out of here it’s a little weird is what it is I guess if you truly ran out ice and you had to make crushed ice you can go down in the freezer get ice out of there and bring it back up in here but just odd really do like the icemaker those saves a lot of space a lot of space and we had your traditional refrigerator where the freezer was on the top and the regular door literally we took everything out of that fridge which was back and stuck it inside this thing and the thing looked like it goes down it is I think four inches wider than our old fridge maybe two inches deeper two or three inches deeper uh-uh so I mean to be honest guys it’s pretty nice it’s hard for me to justify paying $1,300 for a refrigerator when I’m sitting there thinking the entire time that I can get a good used quad in fact the deal the only other downfall the Whirlpool emblem was coming off it is made in the USA I think whirlpool refrigerators are made in Iowa and all their other kitchen appliance are made in Ohio so anyway there it is the whirlpool wrf 767 as the em0 127 cubic foot refrigerator which we managed to get for I think it was one thousand three hundred and sixty nine dollars with tax anyway can you say for the kingdom is a vineyard peace

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11 Replies to “Whirlpool 27 cu ft French Door Refrigerator Model:WRF767SDEM Detailed Video Review.

  1. I read some bad reviews for this fridge, specifically about the water/ice maker. Have you had any issues (leaks, loud noise, etc)? Thanks in advance.

  2. I just bought a French door Fridge. It came defective. They have a policy they don’t take it back .They will fix it.Now I have been waiting for two weeks for two pieces to come. One part they don’t have. Nobody knows if the fridge will work. Shame on you Whirlpool.Also, Maytag is their company too.

  3. did you get this from Costco, ordering one today… ours went bad it was a maytag… same company as whirpool but oh well..

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