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Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator/ Freezer Model:WRS321SDHV01 Video Review

Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator/ Freezer Model:WRS321SDHV01 review

though you tours we purchased at the local Carl’s here in Nebraska this whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator and freezer the model number on it is model number and wrs 3 2 1 s d hv 0 1 this is the black stainless steel color we got it friday and today is Tuesday so we’ve had it a few days and I was just doing a quick review because I looked on YouTube and there wasn’t any up here it’s down 67 inches tall at the tallest point when I measure them from the floor to the top part here where you see it it’s higher this lower part from the floor is 66 inches it’s 30 and a half inches deep and it’s 33 inches wide it’s got 21 cubic foot space inside and the fridge side has four shelves three drawers and the door has four shelves at one compartment I’ll show you here in the middle once I open it the freezer side has three shelves and the drawer on the bottom with the ice maker this also has the icemaker and a water dispenser on the door also so far it seems to be working real good i we have a real old fridge though our fridge it came with the house when I bought it in 2008 so hopefully this one will be more energy efficient and as you can see we had a we were limited on what what size we could buy just because we have this cabinet level right side of it and then we have cabinets up top and a wall on this side so we were we had to limit ourselves to what we could buy that would fit that area so okay here’s the French side as you can see we have four shelves and actually the top of this shelf is the top of that drawer and we have three drawers down here in the door we have this compartment here and we have three adjustable shelves right there and then shove down there on the bottom this just opens like this and then when you go and shut it once you get to a certain part they need shut themselves the freezer side get the icemaker and we got the three shelves here and we have a drawer down here the door has three shelves in it and then the ice dispenser right there here is the water and ice dispenser as you can see here just has the freezer temperature push this and it has five bars we haven’t set it on third wire so far we have the just side you just push push this some more and that’ll give you you adjust it here’s the light for down here here’s the type of ice going cubed ice get crushed ice and I like that I like this whole thing on the door got a lock right there and the refrigerator temperature which is just like the freezer temperature and you got also five bars on there the first bar is being a cold v bars being the coldest it says here we got the cube base then we’ll switch it to the fresh berries Oh No oops here’s the water and there we go since it’s been about 100 degrees here in the brass gun got some nice cold water but yeah overall we’re happy with this so if you liked this hit the like button give any comments comment on it I’ll try the answer what I can and check out my other videos and subscribe if you want thank you

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