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Whynter Portable Ice Maker Featuring Model:IMC-491DC Detailed Video Review

Whynter Portable Ice Maker Featuring Model:IMC-491DC review

[Music]for entertaining or daily use winterportable ice makers can produce icecubes in advance and quickly they arecompact and can be used anywhere justfill the ice maker with water switch onthe machine and watch ice cubes from thewinter i MC 491 DC portable ice makerspowerful compressor produces up to 49pounds of ice in 24 hours the soft touchcontrol panel allows you to select threedifferent sized bullet-shaped pipes youcan easily monitor and control the iceproduction through the soft touch panelwith an intuitive LED display you canmake your first batch of ice in aslittle as 10 to 15 minutes alwayslooking to make appliances just a littlebetter the direct connection featureallows you to connect the ice maker toyour water main source through itsincluded hose it refills with waterautomatically to continuously produceice as needed you can also easily refillthe 5 liter reservoir manually at anytime easy to maintain and clean thisportable ice maker is equipped with aself-clean program that ensures your iceis clean and fresh by removing scalesminerals and impurities this efficientice maker allows you to have a constantsupply of ice never again will you haveto wait or rush to the store to purchaseoverpriced ice attractive and compactwinter portable ice makers are a greathighlight to any kitchen bar or justabout any space please visit our websitefor the most current winter portable icemaker lineup

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One Reply to “Whynter Portable Ice Maker Featuring Model:IMC-491DC Detailed Video Review

  1. I have had considerable issues with my ice maker.  Today, the cleaning cycle will not engage.  I have performed the operations exactly as my manual indicates yet the cleaning cycle initiates and will not stay engaged.  Very annoying.  Just very annoying.  Earlier, it only makes ice if you keep the water reservoir “topped off.”  After approximately 2-3 cycles of ice (medium setting), it much be topped off….continually.  If anyone can provide assistance with these issues,  I would be most happy to hear them.  Thank you.

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