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NewAir Wine Fridge Model:AWR 290DB Detailed Video Review

NewAir Wine Fridge Model:AWR 290DB review

diaper product review hey everybody Stewart with wine on the diamond today we’re reviewing a new product so new we’re reached out to me and asked if they could send me a product to review I’ll be quite honest I didn’t expect a 29 bottle wine fridge specifically the aw are two nine zero dB so um well I guess I got to review it now so just let’s unbox it alright so boxing or unboxing I should say is complete and here I have my nice shiny silver new air wine fridge uh taking a look at the Energy Star guide off that I’ll clean that off later it is estimated yearly were cost of running twenty five dollars and seventy cents two hundred forty one point three kilowatt hours expected to be used so in case you wonder about the energy aspect of a wine fridge that’s the specific one there’s that I haven’t even opened it yet so let’s take a look alright so from the inside of it it comes with these nice wooden shelves I can’t tell if it’s like a pine or cedar but it they’re they’re nice they feel like they’re sturdy and well built like you could hold some bottles of wine on there the other thing that I like is that they come out so if you end up having to put some other stuff in here that is a little bit larger than normal like a box of wine okay you can you can do that so you could put some that stuff and it would look good comes with yes I’m not quite sure what this is and I’m not also sure what all this is I bet if I read the instructions it’ll tell me all that so hold on one second okay so I realized that some of the things that were in there were actually stuff like the door handle and some other equipment some of which I’m not sure what it does but one thing I did find is this this is actually really cool because if I do this I can’t open that wine fridge and if you have a sneaky little kids like me who like to sometimes hide things in your wine fridge like toys then this the perfect thing to keep them out of another one your most prized possessions so let’s take a look at the control panel alright so your control panel it’s essentially is kind of a quick easy control panel you have Celsius Fahrenheit so you can change it right there increase the temperature of one zone decrease the temperature of that so that’s kind of chilly let’s bump you up a little bit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit you must be for the whites and then for Red’s you should go higher yes alright so this is the other zone there we go we’ll keep you right there uh and then if you want something cool you could put on the lights so these nice LED blue lights that are in both sections you can do it high you can do it like low or you can have them off so depending on how you want to show people that you have a bunch of wine it’s specifically 29 bottles worth this could be a cool thing for you okay so now like I said I’m gonna live with it for a little while which means I need to put it someplace I need to put some bottles in it and I need to kind of work with it for a couple weeks just looking pretty good once I clean up the stuff packing noises dirty I’ll clean that up I’ll make it look pretty I’ll put it somewhere right well how about right here so this is gonna be its new home and yeah I guess I’ll just play with it for a couple weeks and see how it goes alright so I’ve been living with this new air wine fridge for a while now and I definitely have identified some pros and cons regarding the fridge so let’s go ahead and get started first of all pro the build quality is really good really good on this bridge I’m quite happy with it it’s sturdy everything kind of seals together very well the shells are very smooth coming in and out I I’m very happy with the construction of this item I would say that another advantage of it is I really like this that I know I just mentioned the shells but I actually really like this shelving my existing wine fridge that I had before anyway or sent me this other one too you was metal shilling and I never really liked the sound and that it made whenever I pulled the shelves in and out and put things in and you can hear the glass scratching on it the wood is a much softer touch I really do like that another thing that I like about it is the fact that it holds its temperature exceedingly well so in certain zones I’ve been playing with it I’ll set it I know I’m not supposed to fluctuate it too much because you’re cellaring but I don’t fluctuate it multiple times a day I kind of change it and let it test for a couple of days and see if it holds but every time I change the temperature it holds lock on on that temperature the other fridge I have right now it kind of goes back and forth so it’ll it’ll be within plus minus a degree and a doesn’t really make me too happy but this one actually really holds exceedingly well like never has broken the tab once I’ve said it and it’s gotten to temp so that’s quite nice another thing I like about it is its silent I or at least compared to the one I have now I can’t hear this thing at all it just sits in the corner and I forget that it’s there a lot of the time whereas sometimes on the other fridge I can see it’s trying to are a little bit harder maybe the refrigeration units a little bit older or less efficient or something like that it and I can hear it kind of spinning up a little bit on the fans and they’re really pulling in some of that more like compressor noise on this one I ever I forget I have a wine fridge most of the time it’s it’s really really nice they have that to have that there alright so let’s talk about some of the cons that I’ve even identified the first con that I identified was I I don’t necessarily like the position of the water well like I like the fact there’s a humidity control in there I I’m kind of debating on where it should be but I don’t necessarily like it being right down there at the bottom because I’m clumsy just be quite I’m clumsy so I accidentally like hit things or or clothes a little too hard and and stuff kind of spilled out a little bit when I was using it but I mean it’s that’s that’s my bad and like clumsy is just a person preference for me I do love the fact that has that humidity control well though I do like having the ability to add some water in there and allow everything to kind of be at a reasonable humidity within itself so I do like that don’t get me wrong just not necessarily so think I am married to the position of that but to be quite honest I’m not quite sure where else I would put it at the moment so that this is more of me being picky as I’m clumsy than anything else another con that I have for this Ridge is while it maintains temperature control really well it doesn’t have temperature memory so be it some context on that San Antonio where eyelid has been slammed with thunderstorms for like the last three weeks like we’re just constantly getting rain all of the time I’ve lost power to my house handful of times during that time a wine fridge comes back up at like the stock setting for the memory and I haven’t been able to find a way to kind of lock or change what that stock memory is so I have to remember after the power goes out to go back to the wine for a door reset it once I had to do that three times in one day it was kind of annoying so one recommendation that I do have for new areas for them to put in something where whoever buys it can change the default memory of what it is or just when they lock a temp it stays locked so it gets saved into memory and so if something like the power outage happens and the wine fridge comes back up then it just taps into whatever memory was last put into the circuits or something like that and I don’t know how to do it but they did the memory control would be nice it would be very nice of when I have to worry about going back and messing with the wine fridge again after the power goes out for the third time that they don’t necessarily like the lock being on the bottom and that has just more to do with the fact that I have to get down low in order to lock the wine fridge and unlock it and then do everything else when the wine fridge sits up here and I want to bottle that’s right here I don’t want to have to go down here in order to unlock it I would prefer the lock to be like on the side or I know under this is also designed I know that this is also designed to to go into Islands and stuff like that for in kitchen stuff in this and that’s fine maybe maybe having a top level walk or something like that would be better I would kind of prefer that over having such a low lock on the bottom but I still like the fact as a lock alright so the last con I have is going to be the lighting so so hear me out on this the lighting is bright it has multiple you can adjust the different levels on it or just have it off perfect they’re really really bright blue LEDs like really bright blue LEDs so I played around with having the LEDs on for a while I kept him on and just let them see what it was like at night there was one night I was coming home everybody was asleep I was coming home late from working out and I walk in it’s just like I’m being beamed up by aliens these lights are just like blasting me from the corner where I keep my wine fridge and then I was like okay so at this point I think I’ve determined that I don’t necessarily want such bright lights I mean they look really good if I was gonna have people over for a party after I turn them on and stuff like that just be like eh look I’ve liked an afraid edgy type thing but I would honestly still like to have them on but I would probably prefer red red to me is a little bit less abrasive and it and it doesn’t really the blue light has a higher going into physics blue light has a higher frequency wavelength and red light does blue light destroys your night vision so if you’re someone who just walks into your house and has the wine freeze of pointing at you and gets blinded by bright blue light take so it takes a few minutes to readjust to kind of see what’s going on I would prefer to have red lights or the option to cycle or just make it like a strobe disco color thing them don’t do that but I’m thinking that the bread would be a nice addition maybe in maybe if you give people an option give them a few candles with red few panels blue or mix maybe I could be a customization option for the next mod but you can as you’re ordering it you can say we’re kind of lighting you want do you want why do you want all these other kinds of lights and people who kind of choose their lighting ultimately I don’t really necessarily feel like keeping the lights on when you’re cellaring is a good idea because you want to minimize the amount of light especially something that’s high-frequency like blue light so I keep my lights off unless like I said I’m gonna have some people over I kind of want to have some kind of cool effect lighting in the background with a wine fridge that’s fine but I so as you can see from the Khans perspective I’m being really picky I really like this fridge I’m going to give this fridge a very good it has great capacity it is like I said it’s silent it has great control I can lock it up there’s really not much more that you want to have to deal with regarding a wine fridge I mean it really hits all major check boxes the thing that prevents it from being great are the items I have in my cot I’m just picky about certain things and I’d like to kind of see maybe a few design changes or customization options in the future that would allow for you to be able to address those items but and that would be it would be great if those things change in the future but you know what that’s just me I’m just one person this is what it’s been like living with it the last about a month or so and me doing different things with it so if if they could fix that especially the temperature memory in the event of like a power outage that would be a huge step forward the other stuff is just me being super picky the temperature thing I actually feel should be something that you possibly include as a default feature because if you’re going to be spending that much on the fridge temperature control in my opinion is something that should just be there in turn our temperature memory I should say the control is there but the temperature memory should be there that being said if you’re going to go out and buy one of these wine fridges which I highly recommend you do if you’re looking for a wine fridge it’s a great fridge looks good functions perfectly then don’t go immediately out and just buy it I’m gonna save you some money here because I have a discount code in my description from the manufacturer that will allow for you to get a discount if you use it so take a look at the description of my video or if you’re looking at the solid website on the post and and take that and didn’t go by the fridge because then you’re gonna save some money and you’re going to have a fridge that you enjoy and save you some bucks and then with that money you can go visit the wine on the dime store if you want or buy some wine to fill a beverage and either way you’re you’re gonna have a fun time anyway this is mr. rip with wine on the dime if you liked today’s video please like subscribe and comment have you used this new air wine fridge have you tried it are you in the market for one what are some of the features that you’re interested in just gonna ask a whole bunch of questions because I’m interested to get your feedback and opinions leave all that information in the comments below I’ll see you guys again soon with another episode from wine on the dime

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5 Replies to “NewAir Wine Fridge Model:AWR 290DB Detailed Video Review

  1. 1. didnt come with wine …big no no…2. then you smelt the shelves… I am getting the vibe you love shelving. it a good point on the temp memory, and the lock. Thanks for the discount !!

  2. Did you not notice a chemical odor upon arrival. I’ve had mine for over a week and still can’t get rid of the odor. I’ve used newspaper, baking soda and wiped down all surfaces with soap and water.

  3. Even with discount you get it at a lower price anywhere else. Perhaps due to the 8 month passed. Thanks for the video though.

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