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This energy efficient Zanussi gas cooker will
be the perfect addition to your kitchen with a sleek stainless steel design and excellent
performance. It has an A energy rating for the seventy-seven litre main gas conventional
oven and the medium-sized forty-one litre full width electric grill, so you’ll always
have lots of cooking space. There are four gas burners on the hob with cast iron supports
for creative cooks who want fast and precise cooking. This model’s gas conventional oven
provides a traditional way of cooking that gives great results.
It uses heating elements at the top and bottom of the cavity, and because heat rises, this
creates different temperature zones. So, you’ll be able to cook different foods at different
temperatures, which will come in handy for those Sunday roasts. This gas oven has Automatic
Safety Shut Off technology that helps make your kitchen a safer place. If the flame of
your hob or oven fails to ignite or stops suddenly a special sensor inside detects any
rapid heat loss. The gas supply will then be automatically cut off to prevent any leaks
and unwanted accidents. So, now you can always cook tasty food with complete peace of mind.
If you’re looking for a model with a sleek stainless steel design and excellent performance,
this energy efficient Zanussi gas cooker is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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