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Zanussi Undercounter Fridge Freezer Model:ZRG614SW Video Review

Zanussi Undercounter Fridge Freezer Model:ZRG614SW review

this Sanusi on account of rich great little product really well built the new secret Brown we all know and Trust in terms of their machine fantastic 55 centimeters wide great size fits nearly every space if we look at the interior which we’ve got a four-star icebox which is fantastic means you can keep food and that for up to a year if you look at the door on us it’s actually a seal door and that’s brilliant because it basically means and the machine will last for longer one of the biggest flaws of under counter fridges as these the doors they don’t last they fall off and that’s because they’re generally cheap and cheerful doors but that’s a proper door so lock and seal and then the icebox won’t inhibited from from closing in the future if we look at the glass shelves they’re all shatterproof glass after taking out drops to won’t break which again is brilliant from a rental point of view this machine is ideal it’s really is the one for you to buy it’ll last you longer it’ll give you more space and it’s a more reliable product and some of the cheaper brands out there if we look at the salad drawer honest full salad drawer massive space so every every inch of space is used in this machine and if you look at the door we’ve got three sections on it on the bottom we’ve got a supported section for the likes of your milk and stop it from breaking we’ve got here for you whatever it may be for your border your cheese whatever and then we’ve got the clothes with rack on top good solid handle to grab it overall it’s a fantastic little product again its energy ratio does a which is brilliant that’s 10 out of 10 as good as you get if we look at the fresh food we’ve won 22 for the fridge and we’ve 18 litres for the little ice box on top so a fantastic product ideal for rental and we’d highly recommend us and purely because it takes all your boxes perfect machine you

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