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ZANUSSI Freezer Model:ZFC21410WE Detailed Video Review

ZANUSSI Freezer Model:ZFC21410WE review

if you’re looking for a real family size freezer in a traditional top opening chest I’ll design the ZFC to 141 0 w e is a great choice and if you need overflow storage outside of the kitchen this model is absolutely ideal as its been designed to operate in garages or outbuildings the cavernous storage compartment is entirely given over to storage and will comfortably hold all the frozen food a large family may need the top opening design and absence of shelves and drawers means you’re really getting the maximum storage out of a minimal footprint this model has 213 litres of usable capacity and with the wide opening and internal light finding whatever it is you’re looking for couldn’t be easier there’s also a raised storage basket that’s perfect for storing everyday items for easy access this unit has been rated for staff of freezing performance so you can safely store produce for up to a year and it’s low maintenance design requires defrosting just once every 5 years thanks to a clever system that prevents 80% of icy buildup plus when you do come to defrost it there’s a user-friendly drainage system it’s also backed by a two-year guarantee and boasting an a-plus energy rating it’s a great blend of performance and efficiency so let’s remind you of those key features again you

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